Zueitina Oil Port


Zueitina oil port

- The port to export crude oil and liquefied gas.
- Located on the Gulf of Sirte, 180 km south-west of Benghazi. (About 850 km east of Tripoli).
- The first shipment of crude oil were issued on 28 February 1968.
- Gas unit work began in 1971 Chehrfberaar P, and the first shipment of gas to be exported on January 29, 1972 AD. In the month of March 1972 in the port he began to receive raw Agip.

Of the storage capacity of the oil port of Zueitina about:

-4.322 million barrels of crude oil
- 986 thousand barrels of naphtha
- 136 thousand barrels of liquefied butane gas
- 86 thousand barrels of liquefied propane gas

Zueitina port consists of the following main modules:
- Unit oil movement
- Gas Plant
- Marine Department