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Zueitina Oil Company intends to invite reputable Contractors / Bidders specialized in Marine Facility to Refurbishment of the loading platform in the LPG Jetty Area at Zueitina Terminal on the basis of “Tunrkey Project”, Where the Rehabilitation consist of Repairing the platform, steel members and connections resulted from corrosion, Paint/Coating Work, and other facilities in addition to other construction works to be determined at later stage.
Rehabilitation Of The LPG Loading Platform – Zueitina Terminal
Brief Description of the Project Scope of Work:
The work consists of providing all Materials, Labour, Equipment, Tools, Scaffolding, Engineering, Supervision, Testing and all Rehabilitation work which consist of Repair all the associated Structural Members of the platform resulted from corrosion, Corrosion Repairment, Paint/Coating Work, Platform Support (pipe Legs), Pile Steel Jackets, removal and replacement of platform grating and Cable Trays and other facilities including Handrail, Rubber Fender, Corroded Bolt, Stair frame, Ladder thus on a Turnkey Basis. Also to conduct Inspection and rehabilitation of Platform facility and Perform Structural Analysis as required.
Qualification Requirement to Participate In Tendering.
Interested Contracting Companies intending to participate in the above Tender must satisfy the specified requirements hereunder and submit the required information below. Failure to submit any of the under listed documents will render in disqualification.
When documents are received by the Bid’s Committee Coordinator, they will be evaluated by the Company Technical / Legal Personnel to select the successful Bidders to bid for this new Rehabilitation Works.
1. Letter addressed to the Bids Committee Coordinator, stating expression of interest in tendering with brief discerption of the Contractor achievement and reputation and the total number of years in Marine Rehabilitation Works.
2. Copy of Company Legal Registration in Libya, or details of Branch Office, Representative or Agent in Libya. Contractor’s License, Commercial Record, Tax Payment, Valid Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate.
3. Company Profile with full details of similar construction works performed with relevant and verifiable Reference List of Clients where the works had been undertaken.
4. Literature/catalogue of the entire range of work/service, equipment and any additional information that will enhance the potential of the applicant.
5. Company experience in similar Rehabilitation works (Marine Facility/Jetty and Platform Structure) with total number of years. Including: organization chart, engineering and technical staff, list of equipment with emphasis of Marine Equipment, list of completed projects along with clients Certificate for completed projects.
6. Submission of Financial Status document of the Company turnover for the last 3 years.
7. Zueitina Oil Company has the right to exclude any file that does not meet the above stipulated requirements.
8. The Prequalification Documents containing the above stated requirements shall be submitted in sealed envelopes and marked:
Prequalification of Contractor
Projet Number : PN 1422
Project Title : Rehabilitation Of The LPG Loading Platform Zueitina Terminal
Bids Committee Coordinator,
Zueitina Oil Company,
Main Building “A”, Sixth Floor,
Sidi Issa Street-PO Box 2134,
Tripoli, Libya,
Tel; 00218(0) 21 3338011 /14 - Ext; (71642)
Bids Committee Coordinator, e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; cc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
9. The prequalification documents shall be submitted not later than Wednesday 26th June 2024.
Important Notes:
1. The pre-qualification of Contractors is not an invitation to tender. Zueitina Oil Company is neither committed nor obligated to undertake the work described above or to issue any call for tender or to include any respondent to this invitation or other company on any Bidders List or to award any form of contract.
2. The Invitation to Tender (ITT) and full ITT Package will only be issued to qualified companies that have been pre-qualified.
3. Zueitina Oil Company will not be responsible for whatsoever costs incurred for preparation and submission presented in response to this notice.
4. Zueitina Oil Company shall deal only with authorized officers of the bidding companies and not through individuals or agents.
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