Implementation of Connectivity, Hot/Gas Pipeline Brega 34 inches KM 105 at Zueitina Oil Port

National Oil Corporation has entrusted the Implementation of this vital project to Zueitina Oil Company, the company has paid great importance of this project to ensure its implementation in accordance with the latest technology, standards and technical specifications and regulations applicable worldwide safety, according to plans. As Zueitina Oil Company has adopted the provision of opportunities for national cadres to contribute to this project policy in order to build national cadres younger.

This project consists of the construction of the gas pipeline, 10 inches from the station km 105 to Zueitina oil port in addition to the construction of many of the surface facilities and do many modulations within the port of Zueitina facilities in order to use gaseous fuel rather than liquid fuel currently used amounting to 2.2 thousand barrels per day, as of this project is planned to complete the year-end 2010.
The economic viability of this project is to achieve the financial benefits as a result of the export of liquid fuels and reduce the cost of maintenance of the equipment due to the combustion of liquid fuels compared to using a gaseous fuel as well as reducing pollution and improving environmental conditions in accordance with the National Oil Corporation directives.

It should be noted that the task of implementing the link on the hot coastal network 34 inches has culminated successfully with the concerted efforts of workers from Zueitina Oil Company and Sirte for the production of oil, gas and body National Safety Bajaddabaa, all of which contributed to take the overall caution and provide operational supplies and car safety and fire linkage location given the size of the risk severe that accompanies this kind of construction work and maintain the continuity of the work of Brega high pressure gas pipeline system and to continue to provide the multi-industrial facilities (power plants and cement factories in the Eastern Province) gaseous fuel requirements.

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